Trucking and Logistics Services in New York

Our world-class trucking and logistics services provide secure delivery of all goods, ensuring they arrive safely and quickly in and out of New York City. Highwood Co-op provides comprehensive procurement services in New York to help ease your burden and free up more time for growth opportunities.

Industry-Leading Logistics Services in New York

Logistics play a crucial part in the success of your business. A systemic logistics method commands smooth and seamless daily operations. Thus, it can make or break your day-to-day processes.

The solution for this difficult task is a trusted and reliable partner committed to handling such responsibility.

Highwood Co-op is your best procurement logistics and supply chain management requirements partner. We are committed to providing you with top-notch logistics procurement services, such as trucking, delivery, and product fulfillment.

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Your Go-To Option When You Need Real
Trucks and Practical Solutions

A reliable trucking service that meets your logistics need is essential for any hospitality business. You do not need to set aside huge investment money for this practical requirement.

At Highwood Co-op, we are here to guide you in finding the best partner for this job. Call us to learn more about our trucking service providers in New York.

Looking for a reliable trucking and logistics service provider? Let our experts at Highwood Co-op assist you!

How Our Trucking Services Work?

Highwood Co-op is a trusted logistics partner you can always rely on to meet your customer’s high demands regularly.

We also understand the need for a quick and on-standby truck delivery service to assist you during your most crucial hours.

Our freight service suppliers can take on the duty of transporting goods, products, supplies, and orders right to the doorsteps of your receivers. Whether you need help in laundry machine transport, order delivery, or supply pick-up, we can assist you any time of the day.

How Our Trucking Services Help?

Our trucking services ensure an accurate and efficient order fulfillment and delivery process that meet the highest standards of your customers.

Delivery Specialists

Our experienced team of delivery specialists, including drivers and loaders, are experts when it comes to getting your items safely where they need to go! We guarantee a professional service every time.

Accurate Tracking

We ensure accurate and up-to-date tracking of all New York trucking deliverables, whether they are essential documents to valuable machines. You can easily monitor the time and date your items are picked up and the expected delivery date to your customer.

Safe and Secure Delivery

Our products are highly valued and we understand the importance of handling them with the utmost care, safety, and security. That's why our team works diligently from pick-up to packaging all the way through delivery for a truly worry-free experience!

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Our Logistics Procurement Costing

The price of our logistics procurement varies on your demand. We depend on the final cost on factors including the volume of items for delivery, location, and type of item to transport. We also provide additional pricing for supplementary services. Talk to us to get an estimated costing for your logistics needs.

Why Choose Highwood Co-op as Your Trusted Partner for Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Our courier procurement service in New York stands out from the rest – it’s highly praised and trusted by top companies in the industry. With unmatched reliability and satisfaction guaranteed, your logistics and delivery needs are always taken care of.

Optimized Process

Our suppliers maintain an organized and optimized procurement logistics and supply chain management method that ensures an accurate and on-time fulfillment of customer demands.

Save Money

A logistics partner lets you save on enormous costs for transporting goods and products for your business. You no longer need to invest in expensive trucks and equipment to handle your logistics, which may require additional costs on maintenance.​

Reputable Trucking Services

Leading hospitality businesses in New York City trust and rely on our freight services suppliers to meet their needs. Our partners can rest easy knowing that they're getting the best of service from experts who know how to get things done right.​

Expert Delivery Personnel

Your items are handled only by experienced trucking personnel with years of work in the delivery industry. They are skilled in taking care of valuable items for your business, including important documents, bulk orders, and extensive tools and equipment.