About Us

We are the trusted and reliable hospitality and supply procurement experts in New York.

Who Are We

Highwood Co-op is a leading hospitality purchasing service provider committed to assisting industries in finding the best solutions for their businesses. We are here to help fill the gap between service providers and big companies and open opportunities for businesses to collaborate.

How We Started

Highwood Co-op started with a vision of creating an exclusive community and a common ground where suppliers and businesses can connect.

We aim to fill in the absence of dependable hospitality services and supply purchasing companies in New York. With this mission, we put together the best suppliers who deliver premium services and products and link them to companies with specific demands.

Our goal is to provide endless opportunities for suppliers and companies to form lasting partnerships.

With Highwood Co-op, they can grow their respective businesses together while meeting the demands of their customers.

Industries We Served

We maintain a highly-focused market in New York, specializing in the laundry and hospitality industries where businesses need practical yet significant solutions to their back-end processes.

Commercial Laundry Companies

We cater to laundry companies, from retail such as laundromats and on-demand dry cleaning services to industrial laundry businesses that need procurement services for laundry repair technicians and logistics.


We serve small to large hotel and hospitality businesses that require equipment and OS&E purchasing services, specifically linen rental, linen spot treatments and stain removal, and other hotel supplies.

Let our hospitality purchasing team show you how we can make your business venture successful. Get started with Highwood Co-op today!

Our Supplier Partners

We only tie up with the best service and product providers in New York City.


Every service and product undergo careful evaluation and scrutiny before endorsement.


Reputable Highly respected and established track record in the industry.


Responsible and trustworthy in handling the demands of partner companies.

Our Leadership Team

We take pride in maintaining a team of dynamic professionals well-versed in business administration and procurement services, specializing in the hotel and hospitality industry.

As Part of Our Commitment to Our Customers, We Offer:

Premium Services

We value your trust and confidence by providing only the best quality products and services that are highly beneficial to your business.


We provide various ways to help your business minimize costs, maximize resources, and cultivate growth.


We promote an exclusive community of collaboration, support, and assistance for all your procurement requirements.