Linen Rental Service in New York

Offer your guests a comfortable and luxurious experience without spending much of your capital on premium linen rental services.

Luxury Linen Rentals in New York

An elegant linen set-up is one of the most effective ways to make guests enjoy first-class comfort during their stay.

Sophistication doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive; Highwood Co-op offers you a wide selection of premium linen products you can rent for your hospitality business that only requires minimal costs from your end.

Best Linen Rental Company in New York

Offer a luxurious experience to your guests by setting up your rooms, restaurants and cafes, and even your hallways and common areas with premium linen goods. Highwood Co-op knows where to source the best hotel and restaurant linen providers. We have a network of premium suppliers offering a wide selection of linen that caters to your needs.

Start saving time, money, and effort with our linen rental service. Let Highwood Co-op assist you today.

Our Linen Products

For starters, we source only the highest quality materials. We offer a long list of luxury linen products for rent, including soft beddings, airy terry towels and robes, and classy and elegant tablecloths.

We offer products made of the finest textile materials that make every guest enjoy a cozy stay.

Benefits of Renting from Highwood Co-op

You can rely on Highwood Co-op to provide quality linen products that exude cleanliness, comfort, and elegance.

We cater to all businesses – from hotels and conference centers to bars and spas.

Premium Products

We only partner with reputable and reliable linen suppliers with a proven track record of quality work within the industry. In addition, we guarantee that every service provider we choose to partner with adheres to international hospitality standards.


With Highwood Co-op, we guarantee absolute convenience. In this fast-paced, high-competition industry, linen rentals have become the norm for hotels and restaurants looking to save capital. Managing your linen inventory is more challenging than it may sound and will demand more time and resources, which you could have focused on other crucial aspects of your business.

Lower Expense

Commercial linen rental lets you cut costs by adjusting your demands depending on the time of the year. For example, one might rent our full linen set for a couple of months during peak season and change your rent requirements during the off-season.


By choosing a linen rental provider through Highwood Co-op, you can easily customize your rental needs, add more services on top of linen rental, and set delivery schedules that are most convenient for you.

Find the right providers of high-quality linen. Get started with Highwood Co-op today.

Our Hospitality Linen Rental Costing

The prices for hotel linen rental vary depending on certain factors, including the number of linen products to borrow and the rent duration. The cost may also adjust according to the style, material, colors, and availability. Contact us for a free tailor-made quote!

Why Choose Highwood Co-op As Your Trusted
Linen Rental Service Provider

Highwood Co-op aims to be your professional services partner for your hospitality business. We offer advantages that make your operations more streamlined and efficient by eliminating the challenging procurement and maintenance processes.

Access to a Wide Selection of Linen Goods

Our suppliers offer a comprehensive collection of quality linen products in New York—from tablecloths and table runners to bedding, towels, robes, and more. Depending on your business' brand, you can select goods in varying styles, colors, and sizes for every occasion.

Find Supplier Easily

With Highwood Co-op, we do the heavy lifting for you! We can facilitate the linen rental requirements of your company so you can have more time in other aspects of your business.


Linen rental allows flexibility for your business to adjust the demands of linen products depending on your requirement for a specific period. You also do not have to deal with inventories and storage.

Bigger Discounts

You can save a vast amount of money by choosing to rent instead of buying. Additionally, our suppliers offer more extensive discount packages for group orders, giving you more ways to save.

The Best Choice for Your Hotel Linen Needs in New York

Highwood Co-op is the best option for all your linen needs in New York. We cater to different types of hospitality businesses.

Whether you have a hotel, an entertainment hub, a restaurant, or a bar, you can rely on us to find the most suitable linen rental supplier for your establishment.

Through Highwood Co-op, you can conveniently have the best linen rental deals without the arduous process of direct procurement. Contact us to learn more about our linen products and rental services.