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Find the best commercial laundry service technician in New York to handle your repair needs

Washer and Dryer Repair
Services In New York

Running a commercial laundry business requires dedication and persistence to provide the best services for your client’s needs. Your focus is to be a top-of-mind choice for your customers amidst a highly-competitive industry.

The last thing you would like to deal with is a problematic commercial laundry machine slowing down your operations. You wouldn’t want to spend a chunk of your time finding out how to repair clogged washer drainage or a dryer that won’t spin. The good news is that you no longer have to deal with this alone. Let Highwood Co-op handle the job for you!

Highwood Co-op is your one-stop procurement partner for all your washer and repair services needs in New York City. We have access to a pool of expert and reliable laundry technicians who can provide fast and excellent services 24/7!

Our goal is to provide you with premium laundry services without delays so you can focus on continuing a customer-centric business.

Contact us to book a laundry machine technician for your laundry company or hotel.

Best Laundry Repair Technician in New York

Keep your commercial appliances at their best performing capacity during busness operations. We have a pool of the best commercial laundry repair technicians in the city with years of experience in commercial laundry repair for laundry companies and hotels


Restoration of malfunctioning commercial laundry machines.


Restoration of malfunctioning commercial laundry machines.


Change of defective and damaged components.​


Change of defective and damaged components.​

Let us handle these little problems that slow you down and take you away from your business goals. Give us a call and let’s discuss what your repair needs are. Book an appointment with Highwood Co-op today.

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Certified Washer Machine Expert New York

Highwood Co-op links you to the most qualified specialists for your commercial laundry machine repair needs. We have screened partner service suppliers with laundry repair certifications who can handle work for commercial establishments.

Whether your hotel needs urgent washer repair or you are looking for maintenance experts for your laundry business, Highwood Co-op can provide the best people to do the job.

How our Laundry Technician Helps

With Highwood Co-op, you can take advantage of a comprehensive list of benefits that will help your company grow further.

Our laundry technicians are reliable and skilled professionals who are experienced in repairs at a commercial level.

We provide on-call technicians 24/7. You can rely on our service partners past business hours and even during crucial days such as weekends and holidays when customer demands are high.

Highwood Co-op takes care of your back-end needs so you can focus on growing your business more.

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Our Washer and Dryer Repair Cost

Through Highwood Co-op, you can access premium repair services at the best deals. As an entity that serves most hotels and laundry businesses, we can give you low and affordable pricing from washer and dryer technician suppliers. This allows you to save on expenses and divert the funds to grow your business.

Contact one of our representatives, and we’ll send you a cost estimate for your laundry repair requirements.

Why Choose Highwood Co-op As Your Trusted Laundry Repair Technician in New York

Highwood Co-op knows the challenge of procuring service suppliers. The process can be time-consuming and costly. Connecting your hotel and laundry company with Highwood Co-op lets you quickly get the most-fitting professionals who can solve your back-end problems.

Topnotch Repair Service

We guarantee the leading repair services in New York that give you value for money. Just get in touch with us and relay your requirements, and we’ll get back to you with the best man to handle the work.​

Competitive Pricing

With Highwood Co-op as your service procurement partner, we offer premium washer and dryer repair services with the best deals. Our group rates come in competitive pricing, allowing you to save on costly fees that you wouldn’t get outside our community.​

Trusted Laundry Technician Suppliers

We take pride in having a pool of washer and dryer repair service partners who have been in the industry for years. They maintain a strong portfolio of proven experiences in the industry, with an emphasis on excellent commercial repair projects with big companies.​